Tim Roxey

Tim Roxey is responsible for development and execution of key critical infrastructure protection initiatives, such as NERC’s Cybersecurity Risk Information Sharing Program (CRISP).  Tim also acts as a key coordination point for North American government officials and is a NERC Vice President and Chief Special Operations officer.

Mr. Roxey has 30 years of experience in the nuclear utility industry and over 45 years of computer related experience. In the realm of physical security Tim was involved in reviewing both physical and cyber security system architectures for the next generation of nuclear power in America as a member of various oversight committees.  Tim also served, by invitation, on two Presidential Commissions helping to prepare guidance for the new administrations.

Tim is a widely recognized leader in the fields of security and infrastructure protection. Tim led a global group to develop mitigation strategies around STUXNET with an eye towards its possible redeployment as a weapon against other platforms.

Most recently, Tim has spent considerable time deconstructing various physical and cyber-attacks against the Ukrainian electrical grid. This work has led to numerous E-ISAC portal posting and Industry wide Alerts.