John Carbone

Senior Director Technical Solutions, Forcepoint

Dr. John N. Carbone has served the defense industry for ~34 years. Dr. Carbone currently serves as Senior Technical Director/Chief Solutions Architect and science advisor to Forcepoint, LLC, Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure division. Prior to Forcepoint, he served as Raytheon Engineering Fellow, Chief Science Advisor, Product Area Technology Director, Chief Engineer for Innovation, and Chief Data Architect/Scientist for major globally distributed mission and Cloud programs across governments. He currently also serves as adjunct professor in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Baylor University.
Dr. Carbone received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Baylor University, MSE from Texas Tech University, Masters Equivalent in Software and Systems Engineering from University of Texas at Austin, and Mechanical Engineering PhD from Texas Tech University where his focus was on enhancing data and information theory by combining cognition-based frameworks, cognitive analytic processes, and adaptations of space-time relationship analysis and mechanics.
Dr. Carbone began his career developing real-time embedded voice, cyber, and data communications solutions for satellite tracking and secure switching systems. Subsequently, he engineered bridges between High Performance Computing environments and Big Data architectures for distributed enterprises. During this tenure, Dr. Carbone was instrumental in providing architecture, design, implementation, security, and fielding of software systems which for strategic intelligence programs considered paradigm shifts for government.
Dr. Carbone has submitted and received national/international software patents, and continuously publishes and edits scientific content for books, journals, conferences and symposia. Topics include Applied Cyber Physical Systems, cyber security, disruption tolerant networking, dynamic content discovery, dynamic provisioning workflows and analytics for disparate static and streaming data sources, geospatial intelligence enterprise systems, big data analytics, and cognitive computing-based frameworks for enhancing decision making for autonomous systems.


InfraSEC Forum

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